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Sexual Harassment Prevention

Sexual harassment complaints and lawsuits can become very messy and time consuming as well as costly in both management time as well as company profits.

Sexual harassment prevention training is recognized as an excellent practice standard for every employer in all 50 U.S. states. The U.S. Supreme Court has stated that for a company to reduce liability for harassment claims it must train employees and supervisors, require employees to report incidents of harassment, thoroughly investigate all reports and take corrective action when necessary.

Currently, California, Connecticut and Maine are the only three U.S. states that legally require employers to provide periodic sexual harassment training to supervisors and/or employees. Training is generally required to include information and practical guidance on federal and state sexual harassment laws, as well as the prevention of sexual harassment and its disciplinary consequences.

 Although harassment prevention training may not be required by law in most states and even for smaller employers in states where training is required by law, this type of training can be very helpful for companies to reduce their risk of getting entangled in a sexual harassment lawsuit. HRM Partners provides on-site, leader-based harassment prevention training that meets state-mandated regulations.

Sexual Harassment Prevention