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Company History


November 1988:  
The executive search company Palisades Pacific Group (a joint venture of major German and Japanese international companies) located in Santa Monica, California begins a human resources consulting practice focused on Japan-owned firms operating in the United States.

March 1994:
The human resources practice of Palisades Pacific Group is spun off and Changed company name to HR Advisors and opened office in West Los Angeles, California. HR Advisors continues to provide services on a nationwide scale, mainly in California and New York.

March 2004:
HR Advisors incorporates as S Corporation, and changes company name to HRM Partners, Inc. (“HRM”)

June 2004:
HRM opens a representative office in the San Francisco Bay Area.

January 2008:
HRM opens office in New York, NY.

July 2012:
HRM opens office in Chicago, IL.