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Recruitment and Termination

1. Development of employment related documents
There are many documents that must be provided to employees who are either entering or leaving a company. In addition, there are specific ways to manage these documents due to a variety of regulations that include privacy. HRM Partners can assist you with all the documents that need to be provided, the way to maintain these documents as well as record retention requirements.

2. Recruitment-Related Assistance
Because of the growth of technology and the expansion of social media networks, a company has many options for recruiting new employees. HRM Partners can assist with determining the right recruitment methods to find the right job candidates. These include providing efficient and cost effective recruitment advertisement, assisting with conducting job interviews as well as helping to make job offers.

3. Personnel Reductions, Company Restructuring, Downsizing and Reorganization
Personnel Reductions, Company Restructuring, Downsizing and Reorganization
The decision to terminate employees regardless if it is one employee or a mass layoff, is a very important and sometimes emotional decision to make. However, with economic issues to consider, many organizations must face it to survive. With many protected employee groups in the U.S., employment termination decisions must be carefully examined before the actual implementation. HRM provides an efficient service in this area where it meets with company management, reviews all decision making to avoid legal issues, and support decisions made with efficient and smooth actions that may include developing severance programs, training managers, meeting with employees and processing exit interviews.

4. Exit Interview Procedure
When terminating or laying-off employees, a company needs proper preparation and planning as this is a very serious and sensitive issue. HRM Partners assists with all document preparation as well as conducting meetings along with company management if requested.

Recruitment and Termination