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Employee Relations

1. Employee Handbook Development and Update
The Employee Handbook is an important written document containing information about company policies and procedures. This essential document brings together employment and job-related information that employees need to know including employment rules, benefits and standard of conducts. A well written employee handbook can provide clear direction to employees and help create a business culture where issues are dealt with fairly and consistently. At HRM Partners, we do not just write employee handbooks for a company to distribute and hand out in a “cookie cutter” fashion. In addition to carefully monitoring federal, state and local labor regulations for changes and updates, we also customize a handbook to fit a client’s business. We also carefully explain and train managers on the employee handbook’s contents as well as provide them with good management practices related to their handbook. In addition, we also provide an on-site employee orientation to assure that employees understand company rules, practices as well as their benefits.

2. HR Policies and Procedure Manuals
The Employee Handbook is a document that is provided to all employees, both management and staff. On the other hand, there are more detailed policies that not everybody in the Company needs to know or should know. The HR Policies and Procedure Manual is an extensive document that is typically provided to only company management. This is an document that provides detail and practical direction on how to handle HR procedures in a consistent manner. HRM Partners develops the HR Policies and Procedure Manual based on each client’s customized needs. However, we also provide a great amount of detail in consideration that the typical manager may not be aware U.S. human resources practices.

3. Job Description
The job description is a document that has become very important especially over the last several years. This is a document that lists the general tasks, essential job functions and responsibility of a position. The job description also provides detail information to whom the position reports and specifications such as the qualifications or skills needed by the person in the job as well as physical requirements. It is very important that both the employer and employee recognize the job duties to make the position productive. HRM Partners supports developing job descriptions by collecting and analyzing data on jobs via employee questionnaires and conducting interviews with management or employees (or sometimes both parties).

4. Performance Appraisal Development
Employee performance appraisals are conducted by management for the purpose of reviewing employee work against an established standard and providing feedback to the employee on how they measure against that standard. By properly conducting performance reviews either annually or semi-annually, a company is better able to manage and record employment actions such as pay increases, promotions, disciplinary actions and terminations. However, doing this properly by having all managers conducting performance reviews in a consistent and uniform manner is very important. Therefore, supervisor training on conducting performance reviews is an essential. HRM Partners provides customized performance appraisals and the related training to making performance appraisals a successful management tool.

Employee Relations